Vom Locken der Federn

A Life as a Modist – Muse – Style Icon

Fiona Bennetts biography stories “Vom Locken der Federn” – A Life as a Modist – Muse – Style Icon – written together with Eva Sichelschmidt was published in March 2013. In the book she talks about the most incredible twists of her life in a humorous and original way – set in the context of the history of Berlin from the Wall, over the crazy all upside down turn to the future in the new old West. It’s not a typical hat or fashion book, it’s an exciting Berlin time document.

Sorry, only published in german language.

  • bound in 224 pages with 3 ribbon and embossing
  • ISBN-no.: 978-3-86873-608-3
  • published on March 14th, 2013


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