21. April 2020 Aus Von Daria Weidemann

Conceived by a free spirit that doesn’t need categories. Fiona Bennett reinvents interior design – just recently the „flush“ at Berlin’s Wintergarten Varieté (with Hans-Joachim Böhme) – , creates costumes for theatre and film and is a successful businesswoman and member of the “International Women’s Forum“. Her creation “Nosedive“ was shown at the VON BARTHA-gallery in Basel, it was party of the 2016 exhibition „Surrealism & Beyond“ at the Boljmans van Beuningen-Museum in Rotterdam and is currently on display at Galerie Alexander Ochs. “Nosedive II“ – created by Fiona Bennett specifically for Berlin’s Kornversuchsspeicher – is a departure from familiar terrain. It connects mental labour to the room and the room to the spectator and displays a mirror image as multi-faceted as the person reflected in it.

The object was shown as part of the group exhibition „Wonderland II“ at Kornversuchsspeicher from April through July 2018.

NOSEDIVE II 2018 – Mirror 170 cm diameter, Bird 200 cm wingspan, 2000 golden feathers

Photo: Joachim Gern